Home Again

Welcome 🙂

Time flies by so fast these days, perhaps it always did but I can hardly believe that youngest son’s first year at uni has come to an end already!

Hubby and I went to pick him and his luggage up this week end. As he studies so far away we broke the journey there up with an overnight stay at a very nice hotel in Telford.

We made the most of the facilities, having a lovely swim in the pool (hubby made good use of the sauna and steam room), walked round the grounds and relaxed in the hotel lounge. We had a peruse of the menu and came across this,


Sounds very nice I thought – but hold on a minute what’s pea crush?!

Now I know I don’t go to restaurants very often so may very well be out of touch with the latest foods but isn’t pea crush that good old fish and chip accompaniment mushy peas?

I’m not sure if mushy peas is a dish anywhere else than in the UK, but just in case you’re a bit puzzled let me explain.

Mushy peas is a very humble dish of soaked marrowfat peas simmered in water until they go ‘mushy’. It started appearing in Fish and Chip shops in the 1970s and quickly became a favourite. Somehow I missed the point where it was reinvented as a ‘posh’ dish!

We decided to give this treat a miss and went to a local pub instead 🙂

As I was on the road I haven’t done much sewing so I shall have to catch up this week! On the list is the altar cloth, I’d love to have that done by Friday, wish me luck 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Hello Chris. Well I too hate mushy peas but when last in UK we went to Nandos for lunch and they do the most amazing crushed peas – to me they seemed like frozen peas that had been mashed a bit with chilli and mint. Absolutely delicious. Good to have the young man home I am sure. xx

  2. Laura

    Reminds me of the traditional Aussie Pie Floater…. meat pie drowning in mushy peas, with tomato sauce. Weird but true.

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