Running towards the Finish

Welcome 🙂

This morning I’ve been at one of my Quilter’s groups, we were making the little heart shaped cushions which are destined to go to ladies (and men) suffering from breast cancer (see this post here).

I managed to finish all mine and helped form a mini production line stuffing and sewing up the cushion inners ready for the next stage – it’s such an efficient way to work but it does mean that you can get stuck doing the same thing for ages!. When I left there were 12 cushions all finished and quite a few more in various stages of production. Way to go ladies 😉

My ‘Church Project’ is coming on apace now. The background of the runner is all done and I’ve been busy drafting out a cross to appliqué onto it.

I love Celtic crosses and happily for me so does my Vicar. This is the design all drawn up to the right size.


and these are the various stages the runner went through to get the cross stuck on! You can just see the chalk lines I drew on to help me position the bias tape.


I have a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric which I pin into, when the bias is in the right place I iron it on using the tip of my iron.


It always takes time to make sure the ‘unders and overs’ are right!

This is it now…


I love how the cross ‘floats’ on the bold background.

It has now been given to another member of the Banner team to sew on while I get on with the altar cover. I’m planning on making the lining first just to make sure I’ve got my measurements right, I really don’t want to make a mess using expensive fabric.

Until next time,

Chris x

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