Wire Wrapping

Welcome 🙂

On Saturday I went to a jewellery making workshop. Being a complete novice I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was great fun and the very patient tutor encouraged us all to try several different techniques of wire wrapping.

We started off learning how to make a hanging loop and then moved on to coiled caps, bead cages, rings, coils and coiled beads. Our tutor gave us plenty of time to play and she provided us with lots of lovely beads and coloured wire.

These are some of my very humble creations,

20150523_144507 20150523_144541 20150523_144557 20150523_154248 20150523_154257 20150523_154308

And these are all the class’ creations put together so we could admire each other’s new skills.


Three hours passed by in a blur – I shall be keeping a look out for the next course!

At the start of the year I shared with you that this year two special family occasions were happening, the birth of my niece’s first child and my daughter’s wedding. Well I’ve been a bit remiss and not updated you about my niece.

I’m very pleased to announce that she and her proud hubby had a beautiful daughter, Savannah, born on May 2nd. Obviously a good day to be born as little Princess Charlotte decided to arrive that day too!


So beautiful 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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6 thoughts on “Wire Wrapping

  1. the hand crafted jewellery is really grand-looking.. i love the one with the shell.. and Savannah is pretty.. welcome to the world little one. 😀

  2. The wire wrapping looks quite complicated! I like your red beads. Coiled caps, bead cages, rings and coils, all look so good, especially with coloured wire. 3 hours well spent! Little Savannah looks so pretty. Barbara xx

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