Doing a Runner

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Every now and again I make something for my church and at the moment I’m embarking on a BIG project – not quite as big as the last project (see that here) – but big enough. We have some beautiful altar fronts for our church but they are all ancient old and becoming quite fragile.

I plan to make a plain cover for the Altar, I’m sure these things have special names but I don’t know them! And also a set of seasonal table runners which will be more decorative.

Church seasons have specific colours attached to them and the first runner I’m making will be used during Ordinary Time, the colour for which is green.

So far I’ve bought the fabric(always a good start!), made a mini mock up using ‘sacrificial fabric’ (I can’t believe I actually bought this fabric!).


Looks as if it should be for a Harvest Supper 😉

I did start with curved piecing but switched to foundation piecing which incorporated a stabiliser to keep everything nice and smooth.

I then made the runner using a variety of greens – most of these were in my Church Stash – fabrics I’ve used in the past to make banners with so it should blend in with decorations the Church already has.

20150426_140915 20150426_140945

I then did another mini mock up decorating it with metallic threads.


liked it and did the same to the actual runner – BIG MISTAKE – this happened very soon afterwards…


The actual table runner fabric developed a serious case of ‘The Pucker’ so it’s all been unpicked now and I’m pondering on the cross which will be stitched on.

Have a great week end everyone.

Until next time,

Chris x

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2 thoughts on “Doing a Runner

  1. What a shame Chris as the mock up with the stitching looks great. Can you use the first mock up as a place mat for a gardening friend? xxx

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