The Basket Quilt

Welcome 🙂

After showing you the yoyos I’ve been making I got the urge to work on my Basket quilt so rather than do what I probably should have been getting on with, it jumped the queue and moved to first position!

I’ve been working fairly slowly hand stitching the baskets down whenever I’ve had a few spare moments and now the yoyos are all done I’ve been stitching them onto the baskets to give me these blocks.

20150428_143715 20150428_143725

Those mother of pearl buttons will eventually be stitched in the the centre of the yoyos, or that’s the plan at the moment but, as we all know, plans do have a habit of changing 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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13 thoughts on “The Basket Quilt

  1. LInda

    Oooh ohhhhhhhhhh I love this! have been looking for something to give me inspiration to get started quilting again. can you please tell me where to find the basket pattern? love your idea of adding the yoyo!

  2. Carmen Fernandez

    Apreciada señora un placer saludarla y felicitarla por su hermosa labor tan motivadora, me gustaria hacer algo coon motivo de celebrar en mi pais el proximo domingo el dia de las madres para mi hija, tendria usted alguna idea o mol de que me pueda faciliar particularmente me gusta mucho bordar reciba mi saludos y agradecimiento carmendefernandez

  3. LInda

    finally found the pattern can you tell me what size yo yos you used. do not have time to applique baskets right now but thought I might be able to get some yoyos made up while watching tv.

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