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The wind is very blustery here in my corner of England and this morning we woke up to this…


needless to say it was all hands on deck to get the fence panel repaired – the wind is still blowing so we’ll see if our repairs last!

I don’t seem to have much to show you from my works in progress just now so I thought I’d share something that my talented Mum has made. Mum is a great knitter and has been busy creating for our New Zealand baby too.

Here are her little makes,




Gorgeous, hope I get to see some photos with baby in them 🙂

On my tutorial page is a  pattern for a Caravan pouch and Heather from Seriously Crazy 4 Craft has been busy making her own gorgeous version, why not pop over and see 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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8 thoughts on “Mums the Word

  1. Cynthia Rhodes

    Tell your Mum she does beautiful work. I crochet more than I knit but I appreciate how much work goes into knitting. I can go so much faster when I crochet so that’s why I prefer it. The baby is going to be the Belle of the Ball in those outfits. And the Kiwi Bird is adorable! I can see from where you got your talents! Mine came from my mother, too. She’s been gone for 13 years now so go hug your Mum tight. Time with her is so precious. Enjoy every minute of it. And give her hug from a quirky American who loves her knitting!

  2. The baby clothes are gorgeous, I can see where you get your creativity from! Poor you with the fence, it has been really windy here too but nothing worse than the bins getting blown over. Sharon x

  3. wow.. the wind is sure very strong to have that fence blown over.. somehow I’ve missed this post.. hope everything is safe and sound now.. the knitting is just elegant. 😀 great piece. 😀

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