Ladies Wot Sew Workshop

Welcome 🙂

My Ladies Wot Sew’s group had an in house workshop making, of all things, pop up thread catchers. You’d think I would be fed up of making these but no I quite enjoy them – simple and useful and fairly quick too.

I found this Youtube tutorial which I think is a good one.

Of course we didn’t finish them on the day


but here are three of them a week later,


together with some needle cases we made a few weeks before. We’ve decided that we quite like all making the same things every once in a while so I anticipate more ‘group sewing items’ in the future 🙂

If anyone has any ideas of some little makes we can sew please share – all ideas are welcome.

Did I mention that I’ve joined a new Quilting group? Well after years of only stitching at home I am now a member of 3 groups and I’m enjoying the company very much.

My new quilt group had a social stitching day last week and as they make charity quilts throughout the year for the local baby unit I decided to spend my time making my first ever charity quilt.

This is it, although the first photo showed a sneak peek of it!


As you can see the binding hasn’t been done yet and that’s because I want to machine attach the binding front and back and just need to find the time to read up about it and then do it!

But have a closer look…


I finally, thanks to all your encouragement, plucked up the courage to fmq on a real quilt! It’s not perfect by any means and I can tell when I got tired and tense but it’s a start 🙂

Enjoy your sewing today 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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9 thoughts on “Ladies Wot Sew Workshop

  1. The pop up thread catchers are a great idea, I haven’t seen those before. I was thinking how good the fmq looked and then read further and realised it was your first time, it looks great! Sharon x

  2. Love those pop-up thread catchers and the lovely needle books. While they’re not exactly sewing, making little finger pincushions is a fun project.

  3. Lovely little quilt Chris and well done with the quilting. It is lovely to belong to a group isn’t it – great for bouncing ideas and generally having a good time! xx

  4. Hi Chris, I love those pop-up thread catchers and needlebooks. Well done with your quilt and what lovely fmq, who would know it was your 1st time?

    Ladies at my handicraft group made “Popular Patchwork’s Bag of Pockets” (you can find this via Google), which is made from 2 x 16.5 inch squares. And it was very popular, some people have made many of them! Barbara x

  5. Hi Chris, I’m sorry to say I think I wrote my email address incorrectly, not used to leaving my email address, so sorry to have taken your time up trying to contact me, it was very good of you to let me know the problem.

    I hope you will try the “Bag of Pockets” from Popular Patchwork, the ladies at my group want to make this one time and again!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

    Barbara x😊

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