Basket Case

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I’m still getting a little thrill every time I see my completed Daisy Chain quilt and I have to admit I’m probably spending a little longer than is necessary making my bed in the mornings just so I can look at it! After two years in the making I sort of hope this feeling will last a while 🙂

I’ve been sorting out the left over fabric from this quilt and I think that there may be just enough to squeeze a small quilt out of it if I’m creative with the fabric 🙂 I’ve had a hankering to make a basket quilt for a little while now so that’s what I’ve decided to use the left overs for.

This is what I’ve done so far

20150323_092309 - Copy 20150323_092316 - Copy 20150323_092346 - Copy

Little baskets prepped (using the starch method), glue basted onto the background and now ready to be stitched.

I’ll even get to perfect my sharp point appliqué skills I learnt from doing my Nautical baby quilt here.

The idea of this project will be to provide a hand sewing project to do when the need arises – car journeys, quiet evenings – you know the sort of thing. So not a speedy finish, but rather a leisurely journey (a bit like the original but hopefully not another two years before it’s finished!)

Until next time,

Chris x

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9 thoughts on “Basket Case

  1. wbert4

    loving the look of this Chris…..what a great idea…..nice to have something ‘at the ready’, especially when it’s so beautiful! xox

  2. I loved your Daisy Chain quilt when you showed it. It is delicate, fresh and cozy looking. These new little basket blocks have the same feel and I love them! I don’t know how you could set it aside for road trips – I would be itching to make more blocks!

  3. We have a quilt on the bed that I finished 30 years ago and I still love it and still enjoy smoothing it over the bed. Looking forward to following the progress of your baskets. xx

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