Hello and welcome 🙂 and a BIG welcome to the first day of Spring – yippee!

Last week at my monthly quilting group we took part in a mini workshop to make a quilted gift card.

We traced a simple design onto some background fabric, then using ordinary children’s wax crayons, coloured it in. It was a bit of a trip down memory lane as the last time I’d used wax crayons to colour was when my children were young!

The artists in the group were blending and shading their designs with great skill, the rest of us did our best 😉 This was then ironed between sheets of absorbent paper which ‘sets’ the wax crayon and makes it permanent (apparently it’s washable once this is done – not that you’d want to wash a birthday card,right?).

Then the design was ironed onto some thin fusible batting and we were encouraged to embellish it with stitchery before mounting it onto card to turn it into a gift card.

This is mine…

20150312_140200 20150312_140536

It was a very relaxing little project to do and has already been gifted to my lovely sister for her birthday.

Has anyone else had a go at using wax crayons on fabric? Are they really permanent, and can they be washed?

I’m linking up to Wendy’s Friday Night Sew In, if you’d like to join in visit this post here and sign in 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x


5 thoughts on “Crayoning

  1. Jen B

    I tried it, but it came out in the wash. I had used embroidery thread in the same colours for the outlines, so it still looked good. I would do it again though, like you said a birthday card isn’t going to be washed. The problem could also have been the wax crayons I used, a different type may be more colour-fast.

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