The Journey – Deo Gloria

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Today I had a little trip out to Peterborough Cathedral to see a textile art exhibition called The Journey. It’s so rare to see any textile art being exhibited so as soon as I learnt about this one I was keen to go and see it. It was based on the Stations of the Cross, here are ‘hundreds’ of photos of it!!

20150305_130659 - Copy

20150305_130711 - Copy
The exhibition lighting didn’t photograph well but I hope you can still see enough to work out the textile techniques used to create these pieces. 

20150305_130721 - Copy

20150305_130735 - Copy

20150305_130744 - Copy

20150305_130750 - Copy
Most of the panels had printed scenes on them which were sparingly embellished with embroidery – very effective I thought. 
20150305_130915_1 - Copy
I liked the naive stitching on this piece and the stones held in place with thread.

20150305_130959_1 - Copy

20150305_131044_3 - Copy
I particularly liked the artist’s interpretation of sin being forgiven. 

20150305_131101_2 - Copy

20150305_131133 - Copy


OK photo shoot over 😉

I thought the artist did a good job in her interpretation and it was very good to see textile art having such a high profile in the Cathedral. Great seeing all those quilting techniques used in different ways too 🙂 I think I may need to have a dabble in the textile art world myself now 😉

Until next time,

Chris x

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4 thoughts on “The Journey – Deo Gloria

  1. Chris, there is some beautiful work there. for me the one with the red word fading out as they are washed away is the most poignant. I love mixed media textile work. I haven’t done much myself but Abi does a lot for her art textiles. The great thing is you can raid the charity shops and markets for cheap clothes etc for fabric. xx

  2. This was really inspiring, its so rare to see expressions of faith in such a personal way through the medium of modern style textiles, I would have loved to see this exhibition for myself. Thanks for sharing it with us, I’ve really enjoyed reflecting on it.

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