Toothed Topshells

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This week end hubby and I went to visit our eldest son who at the moment lives in sunny (!) Portsmouth on the South coast where he is doing a Masters degree at the university there.

As part of his research he needs a quantity of special snails called toothed topshells so we thought we’d go along to help him find them. We went dressed for the weather and carrying buckets. Son had been told where to look by his tutor so we headed off to hunt the snails down!

These are the little darlings we were looking for,

This photo is courtesy of Land and Wave

They are usually found on rocky beaches, in rock pools or on open rocks. We spent a good few hours searching about four different rocky beaches in the area but sadly we only found one snail which was christened Billy (‘cos he had ‘no mates’!). Very frustrating as the search is obviously dependent on it being low tide so we only had a short amount of time to look before we had to call it a day.

Looking on the bright side we got to have a lovely time with our son and his girlfriend messing about on beautiful beaches.

But, if anyone lives on the South coast and knows where there is a colony of these snails please, please let me know as Son still needs to find them for his research.

On another note I decided that as I was doing so well finishing off projects I’d get started on another WIP so I layered up my EPP quilt and have just made a start on quilting it.


Until next time,

Chris x

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5 thoughts on “Toothed Topshells

  1. Hi Chris. Having just spent quite a bit of time collection shells in Spain I have quite a variety but nothing like your Billy!. Love the colours of your quilt – you could always link up with Anthea on her EPP Tuesdays?

  2. What a pretty quilt! Can’t wait to see a picture of the whole thing!

    That’s too bad you didn’t find more snails although I don’t imagine the snails felt that way! 🙂

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