The Shirt Off His Back 2

Welcome 🙂

Anyone visiting from ‘Grow Your Blog’ can find my post here

Part one to this little shirt tale is here!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my shirty creation. I am a bit worried about what you’ll say about the final reveal as so many people commented on how nice the little pleats were – and I’ve changed them!


As you can see I did a bit of stitching to make more of a feature of those pleats, some pleats are held back with a tiny cross stitch


and others are held back with vintage mother  of pearl buttons which I found in my button tin (all 72 of them!)


I love the softness of this mini quilt and although I know it wont last as long as one made of new fabric I do think it has a charm all of its own.

This is the second shirt quilt I’ve made, this is the other (see this post here.)

SAM_2553 - Copy

I need to collect a few more shirts now so I can make a third!

Right! Now that that little project is done I need to get back to this one!


Until next time,

Chris x

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15 thoughts on “The Shirt Off His Back 2

  1. Chris – it is beautiful! When you told me you had something extra planned for the pleats that is exactly what I thought you had in mind and the result is so pretty! I love the antique MOP buttons that you added! I think the men out there are going to have to keep an eye on their shirts or they may find them in a quilt!!!

  2. The extra you have added to the pleats Chris really finish it off. I love the way the cross stitches and buttons make the pleats curve. I loved it before but it is amazing how much more difference a little extra detail makes!

  3. I was one of those that liked the pleats. It’s amazing what tacking them back does to the flow of the piece. I really like the addition of the buttons. Looks great.

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