Cross Cross Stitich

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I wonder if you have Mum like mine, when I was younger (quite a bit younger!) and still living at home I’d do a bit of sewing or knitting and sometimes get myself into a right pickle by getting it all wrong and then getting into a frustrated state about it! Mum would calmly unpick or unravel my mistakes and if I was lucky she’d even do a bit of the sewing or knitting so I was further on than I had been before 🙂

I’m sure that this ‘rescue service’ kept me crafting when I may otherwise have given up.

Well I was reminded about this when a lovely friend was getting seriously frustrated with a project and just needed to pass it on to someone to finish.

The project is cross stitch which I used to do years ago but have only dabbled in recently.

This is how it came to me…


as you can see my friend had done a big part of it already.

This is it now after a few hours of work


There’s no rush to finish it but I plan on doing a bit each week.

Do you have a special crafty person who has kept you from giving up?

Until next time,

Chris x

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7 thoughts on “Cross Cross Stitich

  1. Annie In Craft Wonderland

    Now that I read your post I really miss my mum. She always helped to get out of those ‘sticky sewing moments’. She would always know what to do… Thanks there is media to video chat and get advise but it’s not the same, as mum fixing the trouble!

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