New Fabric Alert

Hello and welcome 🙂

Anyone visiting from ‘Grow Your Blog’ can find my post here.

Just had to share a new fabric purchase with you.


Perfect for tea towels to pretty up a kitchen 🙂 and maybe a bit spare for a pot holder too 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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9 thoughts on “New Fabric Alert

  1. I think this pretty fabric is much too good for tea-towels! (It looks like cotton? And I’m guessing it wouldn’t dry things very well – but maybe you could use them for decorative tea-towels?). I’d be thinking of place settings, napkins or maybe a tea-cosy (if you’re a tea drinker that is! Or possibly as part of a bag? Lovely fabric. Love the blog too! I look forward to each posting. Barbara.

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