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Last week I went to my first Quilter’s group meeting of  2015.

It was the group’s AGM and as I am a visitor within the group I kept quiet during that part but perked up when the sewing activity started!

One of the talented ladies showed us how to make a needle keeper case, which we all happily got busy with. As with most of this type of meeting not many people actually finished their projects – we’re all far too busy chatting and catching up with each other.

I finished mine off the next day while it was all still fresh in my mind. Although I confess that I did change the design of the needle keeper a bit – as you do!




I’ve made these pretty origami stars/flowers before but never used them to make a needle case. I managed to find tutorial for them at Riley Blake here if you want to make something similar. In fact this is what the taught project looked like so you can see how I altered mine now 😉 We used pelmet vilene inside the hexagons so it held its shape.

I stitched the beads around the edge at the same time as stitching the two hexagons together using glove stitch. This is a link to some basic instructions – I just threaded a bead on my needle every time I did a straight across stitch.

The ladies in my other sewing group liked it so much they asked if they could make one this week so expect to see a few more appearing on this blog soon 😉

Until next tiem,

Chris x

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