Hello and welcome 🙂

In between all the cooking, cleaning, decorating, shopping and present wrapping I seem to have been doing an inordinate amount of dithering!

I just can’t seem to make my mind up as to what to do when I get a spare 10 minutes! I sit in my sewing room and dither – shall I do this or this or maybe this? and I end up doing nothing!

So my friends I have nothing to show you and nothing to share, sorry 😦

Instead of getting stressed about it I’ve decided to go with the flow and chill.

Here are a few things I’ve been dithering about making, just in case you’re still raring to go with your crafting!

A gorgeous Christmas pudding from PlanetJune

A clever fabric star tutorial by Sofie Legarth

and finally a great paper heart ornament by Reese Dixon

May your week be dither free 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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8 thoughts on “Ahhhhh!

  1. I’m all a dither too. I made a couple of Christmas stockings last week, that’s the sum total of my Christmas crafts. There should be a Dither Christmas Club. Never mind we make up for it the rest of the year. Happy Christmas Chris.

  2. LOL! Why not tell yourself you are not really dithering but thinking. Someone once told me that ‘thought is action in rehearsal’, which has often made me feel better when I’ve spent too much time thinking and planning and perhaps not enough time doing things! 😉

  3. I think there comes a time when you should draw a line under all those things you had planned on doing (which, let’s face it, no one else will actually know about except you) and open a bottle of wine (or put the kettle on).

  4. Well said Lucie! I brought two projects with me to UK and managed to make a start on one last night – was getting withdrawal symptoms! Anyway, when in doubt – do something completely different. xx

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