Ribbon Embroidery

Welcome lovely peeps 🙂

Despite not doing much embroidery I do like it, it’s one of those skills I’d like to develop – just not necessarily today 😉

At the moment I particularly like ribbon embroidery and lucky for me one of my bloggy pals – Lin from St Victor Quilts – is a bit of an expert at it. Go and have a little look at her blog and you’ll see some of her beautiful work.

Lin recommended a beginner’s book to get me started and this week I’ve given it a little go.

Now I know that for the best results you should use silk ribbon but I didn’t want to go to all that expense while I was learning so I used voile ribbon which at 15p a metre is much more affordable and I wont get too cross when I make mistakes!

Here are my humble efforts


Ribbon stitch flowers in purple and blue


Straight stitch and French knot flower in purple – it should be a rose but I’m not quite sure what happened!!


Hmm, now what to make so that I can cover it with pretty flowers – that’s the question 🙂

I’m linking this up to Fiona’s ‘New to me in November’ post on her blog Celtic Thistle Stitches.

Until next time,

Chris x

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4 thoughts on “Ribbon Embroidery

  1. I’ve long loved the look of ribbon embroidery but it always seemed so difficult (considering I can’t embroider a stitch, LOL) – I love how you did yours with that organza-y ribbon – it’s so dimensional and cool! It’s astonishing that ribbon can slide through the weave of fabrics to make such a beautiful design 🙂

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