Craft Stall Done and Dusted

Hello and welcome 🙂

Saturday was the day of my craft stall and once I’d got over my nerves I enjoyed meeting and chatting to the people who kindly looked over my stall.

The other stall holders were a friendly lot, I knew most of them already and it was nice to spend time catching up.

SAM_4666This is my stall, I did a practise run on my dining table at home so on the day I was able to set it up quickly.

I didn’t seem to sell very much but I must have done better than I thought because when I eventually got round to counting what was in the ’till’ I realised I’d more than covered my costs and then some!

So would I do it again?

Hmm, ask me in a couple of weeks! For now I’m happy to have crossed off one of my New Year Resolutions – only one to go and I’ll have achieved them all 🙂

I came home with quite a bit of stock and as it would be  a shame to just box everything up and forget about it I’m thinking of opening an online shop. I know some of you have online shops so please drop me a line to let me know which one you think is the best and why. This is all very new to me.

Until next time,

Chris x

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5 thoughts on “Craft Stall Done and Dusted

  1. Your stall looks great Chris. I am glad you were able to cover your costs and have stock over – all profit from now then! Good luck with the online shop – I shall follow with interest although I shall never have time to make things to sell AND do what I want to do. xx

  2. Your stall looks so pretty and those mice are adorable! I’ve been thinking about setting up an online shop and am looking at Etsy but will have to do much more research before doing so! I’ll be interested to read the comments/suggestions from other followers of your blog!

  3. Hi Chris. I think your stall looks fabulous and well done for giving a craft fair a go. It’s on my list of things to do one day. I have had a store (Stitches ‘N’ Dreams) with Etsy for a couple of years now, and I found everything very easy to set up, but it did take some time. I haven’t done a lot of business, perhaps because I sell patterns instead of hand-made items (shipping from Gambia would be too complicated!), but I am seeing a gradual increase in sales. If you want to know more, do email me and I’ll be happy to discuss things. XX

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