Wedding Wishes

Hello and Welcome 🙂

This week our nephew and his girlfriend got married. Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the wedding but we’ve loved seeing all the photos which have been posted on facebook. Everyone looked lovely especially the bride and groom.

One of the photos which was shared was one of a quilt which the bride’s Mum (I think) made, and it reminded me that way back at the end of last year this lady had contacted family and friends and asked if everyone could make a 12″ block – any colour, any style and send it to her and she would sew them together. What a great idea!

I duly did so and then promptly forgot about it until I saw today’s picture.

Chris and Rachaels quilt

This is the block I made (it’s taken a while to find the photo!)


My nephew is Welsh and the happy couple live in Wales so this traditional Welsh blessing seemed just the ticket. I even made it up in the colours of the Welsh flag 🙂 In fact I seem to recall that I had a bit of a thing about making things in the Welsh colours which because of the secrecy of present giving I didn’t write about – I’ll see if I can dig out a few more photos to share 🙂

Many congratulations to the happy couple 

Until next time,

Chris x

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Wishes

  1. I think creating family heirlooms is so important. I once made a patchwork advent calendar for my children, and it’s now been passed on for my grandchildren to use. When I created it, I never imagine my grandchildren would be using it! I think this quilt is very beautiful.

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