Withdrawal Symptoms

Hello and welcome 🙂

This morning I took my one and only sewing machine to be serviced, and now I keep looking at the space in my sewing room where it usually sits.

I thought this would be a good time to have it serviced as I’m not really doing much machining at the moment but now I haven’t got it all I want to do is use it – honestly!

I’ve finished two more little mice and want to make them clothes.


I’ve watched the next chapter of my online free motion quilting class and want to have a play with the new designs.


and I’ve seen a couple of nice ideas on Pinterest I’d like to have a go at.

It will ALL have to wait until my Bernina is ready – I just need to exercise a bit of patience and do something else.

Here’s a peep at a little something I’ve started which doesn’t need a sewing machine.

a bit of ribbon weaving.

This is new to me and quite easy to do but uses up a lot of ribbon. The poor lady at my usual haberdashery stall gulped when I told her how much ribbon I wanted!

Until next time,

Chris x

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7 thoughts on “Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. I usually take my machine to UK at Christmas to be serviced – that way I know I would not be needing it!. Your mice are super sweet. I am just making a butterfly – my first attempt. Could not work out how to the magic circle bit at all! The woven ribbon looks a bit like straw weaving – am interested to see how it turns out. xx

  2. There is nothing sadder than the empty space where your machine *should* be sitting – hope it’s back soon.

    And I don’t know what you’re making there with the ribbons but I would so wear that as a statement necklace!!

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