Catch that Thread

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This week was my once a month quilting group and we were given a little project to have a go at. A thread catcher with a twist – literally with a twist because you have to twist it to open it and twist it to shut it.

Now I’ve seen these around the internet for years and never felt the urge to make one but in a quilt meeting you have to show willing don’t you? So I got stitching and made myself one.




The ring we used for the top was a 1/2 inch slice from an old Pringles tube reinforced with packing tape – very frugal 🙂

I do like the design as it neatly folds up and doesn’t take up much space, can’t think why I didn’t want to make one now I’ve got one!!

Here are links to a couple of tutorials for them in case you want to have a go.

Red Hen Fabrics – this was the tutorial we used and is all hand sewn, they used a wooden ring.

Quilary – this tutorial shows how to make one using a sewing machine with a bit of hand stitching and uses stiff tape instead of a ring.

I’m really pleased with mine, in fact I think I shall have to make another just to try out Quilary’s method 😉

Until next time,

Chris x

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8 thoughts on “Catch that Thread

  1. Wow! What a lovely little thread catcher. I might have to have a go at one of these – I think it will be perfect for keeping my tatting thread dust-free! Thank you for sharing.

  2. that is fab! I’ve never come across these before but they look great. If you could make a larger version, it would be perfect as a car bin too…

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