Off on a Tangent

Welcome 🙂

This week has seen a real Autumnal feel come to my neck of the woods, the leaves are turning colour and are being blown about by the swirling winds, the spiders are out in force and weaving webs in all the hedges and it’s steadily getting chillier. Time to get ready to hunker down and cosy up inside! Enjoy your Spring those of you in the southern hemisphere while we enjoy our Autumn.

I’ve had a bit of an overdose of sewing recently with the banners, I’ve still been busy with them and have finished the one I was particularly working on.


Some of my fellow banner team are already returning their panels to me and as they come back I’m sewing the hems, if they need it, and removing all the markings.

As progress is all in hand with the banners  I’ve been having a bit of Time Out.

I decided that I needed to put my needle down and pick up my hook! Sometimes I just can’t face doing another stitch so rather than stop creating I switch mediums – how many of you can identify with that?

I’ve had a hankering to crochet a mouse for some time now (who knows why these daft urges ‘get’ us?!) and have been looking round for a cute pattern with no success. However, this week I saw just what I was after and snapped up the pattern.

I’ve been busy hooking away and here she is – so far – she still needs to have her face stitched on and to be clothed (after all here in the UK winter is a coming!)


As you can see she helped me with the sewing!


The pattern is by CARO created and can be found here.

Until next time,

Chris x

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5 thoughts on “Off on a Tangent

  1. I love your little mouse! I have just bought an Amigurumi book and can feel some Christmas presents coming on! It’s a while since I crocheted (is that how you spell it!) xx

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