Play Time

Welcome 🙂

Goodness I’ve had a busy but massively productive week. All the Church banner panels have been prepared and all but one has been delivered to the next person in the chain. These skilled volunteers have three weeks to stitch before the panels are due to come back to me for their final finishing off and then the big reveal should happen at the end of October.

It feels very exciting now!

This week I got an email from Freebies for Crafters and the free project it flagged up was a lovely little pouch made from hexagons. Elena of Momentos de Costura has written a really clear tutorial and I couldn’t resist having a go 😉

It’s exactly the sort of project where you can use up some of your favourite scraps of fabric, and I definitely had fun choosing scraps to use.

Using Elena’s diagram I arranged my hexagons and sewed them to make this,


added a magnetic clasp – very easy to do!


made sure I put the back of the clip on in the right place!


and sewed it up


et voilà…




However I did notice that mine was slightly different than Elena’s. The diagram makes a more closed shaped pouch – good for not letting the contents fall out but not quite so easy to get into. So I altered mine to give me this…



If you want to make one and prefer the open top then just omit sewing 4 to 4 and 5 to 5 on Elena’s diagram

Now to find something to put in it 🙂

Enjoy your week end.

Until next time,

Chris x

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6 thoughts on “Play Time

  1. Lovely little bag Chris – I have added it to my library for ‘one day’! You must be pleased to have all those panels out there being worked on – well done you. Have a good weekend. xx

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