Stars in my Eyes

Welcome 🙂

The weather has been stunning in my part of the UK  and I’ve spent a bit of time trying to tame my rather overgrown garden.

I’ve been spending an half hour here and an half hour there doing a bit of clearing and tidying and weeding and it’s making such a difference. Hubby has already taken a lot of waste to the household tip and I think there may be more to go soon!

Someone wisely said that the best thing to do was to start tidying up the patch of garden you can see from your window so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. And that’s exactly what I did and it spurred me on to do the bits I couldn’t see too!

In the evenings I’ve rediscovered my Honeycomb Stars EPP project and thought you may like to see my progress.



As you can see the rows are being stitched together now, it’s all very slow going (a bit like the garden) but it’ll get there, and anyway there really isn’t any rush. Although I think folk in my sewing groups are getting fed up of seeing me doing it!

I’m going to take a little Bloggy break during August so I’ll see you all in September – hope you have a lovely month full of good things.

Until next time,

Chris x


7 thoughts on “Stars in my Eyes

  1. I am in the East Riding of Yorkshire and we have had a stunning summer but it has meant everything has grown and grown! Each day I try to tidy up a small part of it and the recycling bin has been permanently full. I think someone may have dobbed me in as I won a composter from the local council so now I have 3 composters on the go and more for the tip! The quilt is lovely – enjoy your break and happy sewing!

  2. We had a little bit of that lovely weather here too in the North East, it has disappeared in the last couple of days but I remain hopeful that that is only temporary 🙂

    I love the arrangement of your stars and hexies, will look forward to seeing your progress come September.

  3. wbert4

    sounds like a great plan CHris…..we all need time out every now and then……loving your EPP…..looking great! Can’t wait to see how far you’ve got in September!
    xox sugary hugs :o)

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