Coming Up Roses

Good morning 🙂

As you can see I managed to squeeze in a few hours to sew and have finished my Rose Basket hanging – all except the roses that is! Does that just make it ‘The Basket’ wall hanging?!

This is what it looks like now.



I’ve used the facing binding I wrote about here to finish the edges, I’m liking this method a lot for wall hangings.


Do you like the little roses on the back? I made them last year and kept them for a rainy day. Well that rainy day is here and they are going to become my quilt label! I shall write on them with a permanent marker – cute huh?

I also stitched on hanging sleeves, I like to have two hanging sleeves on my bigger wall hangings so I have the option to hang it from a hook directly off the wooden dowel in the centre or from a wire attached to each end of the dowel rod.

My Hanging Sleeve Method for a Faced Quilt

I  made tubes of fabric to match the facing, turned them right sides out and positioned them equidistant from the centre and ends of the hanging – you do need to make sure that there is enough of the end of the dowel exposed to tie a wire to ( I often use fishing wire as it is very strong – but you wouldn’t want it to show as it’s not very pretty!)


I stitched down the top edges of the sleeve about an inch below the hanging edge making sure I stitched into the back of the quilt as well as the facing, then put the dowel rod under the sleeve flaps and pinned the lower edge in place while the dowel rod was in position.



Then I removed the rod and stitched the lower edge down.The hanging sleeve should look a bit baggy but doing it this way means that the wall hanging hangs straight and smooth.


After extensive trawling of the internet for ideas I’ve even started making my 3D flowers – pink roses…


all ready to arrange in the basket – this bit may take HOURS 😉 and then I’ll get stitching – nearly there!

I’ve linked this post up to Esther Aliu’s WIPs on Wednesday post

Until next time,

Chris x



6 thoughts on “Coming Up Roses

  1. Fi Bishop

    The basket is amazing and then you go and do those fabulous flowers to fill it – it’s a wonderful project and so very inspiring to see it at the various stages.

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