Samphire Quilter’s exhibition

Welcome πŸ™‚

My lovely hubby took me on a jaunt to Kings Lynn in Norfolk on Saturday. Every year a great little quilt group put on an exhibition there and since I discovered it a couple of years ago I’ve made a point of going.

Usually it’s held in a church but this year it was in a sports hall, not so pretty but it did mean that there was a kitchen and the enterprising ladies of the Samphire Quilt group put on refreshments which were wonderful, in fact they were so wonderful that this is the photo I got of mine…

I’d munched it all up before I even thought of taking a photograph of it!

The quilts on display were all lovely, but these are the ones I particularly liked

image (3)

image (2)

The group had done a workshop on ‘The one block wonder’ and there were a few of these quilts about. This one used a butterfly fabric and I loved how the quilter had used fussy cutting to create such beautiful blocks.

image (6)

image (5)

Last year this quilt won first prize (the post I wrote about it in is here)Β and this year the same quilt was in the exhibition again but this time it was all finished and looked fantastic.

image (4)

I loved this quilt and the story behind it – I met the lady who made it and she explained that she was making it for her daughter’s 18th birthday but didn’t finish it because she couldn’t figure out how to put the log cabin blocks together. Then recently she saw a design in a book and it inspired her to finish it.

Her daughter is now 34 and as soon as the exhibition is over she said that she was giving it to her – finally! 16 years a WIP! I haven’t been quilting that long so I can’t beat that record – what about you?

There was a lady demonstrating ‘proddy rug making’. She uses up all her small fabric scraps making these rugs. It looked very easy to do so maybe one day…

image (1)

This YouTube clip by Heather Ritchie gives you a flavour of how to do it, although the lady at the exhibition used tweezers instead of a prodder.

A big well done to the Samphire Quilters for another superb exhibition!

Until next time,

Chris x



4 thoughts on “Samphire Quilter’s exhibition

  1. What a stunning quilt that floral one is! Have you had a chance to try out the technique yet? Love the butterfly fabric used in the first quilt. Thanks for sharing Chris. xx

  2. Ooh, I went to this on Saturday too! A small world. I agree it wasnt quite as nice a venue as the usual chapel but I think the group put on a wonderful show and I also came away with armfuls of quilting mags which is always a bonus πŸ™‚

  3. Really lovely quilts. I have made the rugs in the past. I used a latchhook so the fabric was secured and they could be beaten and shook!. When I was little my friends Grandad used to sit at a rug frame and make the proddy rugs. It was all dark fabric like old suiting and when they were finished they were so heavy we could not lift them! You have brought back some good memories, thank you Loma x

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