Banners Galore


I’ve been getting busy with a project for my church this week end. As my regulars already know, from time to time I help make banners to display in my church, my last banner is here if you want a peek 🙂

Well the banner making team have been asked to do a massive project which is part banner, part window covering. It’s made up of 16 panels, each one being a metre square – told you it was massive 😉

I’ve spent many weeks thinking and praying about designs and finally this week end my daughter and I put pencil to paper and actually drew up a couple of panel designs and since then I’ve roughly drawn up the rest. I think they’ll be 8 panels with designs on them and the others will have a unifying pattern on them, but it could all change at this point in the proceedings!

Does anyone else put off doing things because they are a bit daunted by them? Yes? No?

Well I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it has been make a start on this project.

I hope you can just about make out the outline of a dove – I sketch the designs lightly so that I don’t have too much rubbing out to do!

I’m now at the stage where I need other people’s opinions on the designs, then it’s all about tweaking and re-working and discussing again.

From experience I know that this part of the process of making banners (or anything else come to think about it!) always takes the longest. After all there’s no point starting to sew if you’re not happy with what you’re sewing is there?

One ‘sort of’ good thing about these big designs is that I’m slowly getting my poor family used to having to carefully tiptoe round or leap over large pieces of fabric laid out on the floor all over again (see here for the last time it happened!). Oh the things they put up with!

Right, better get back to sketching and tweaking.

Until next time,

Chris x




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