Presenting a Gaggle of Geese

This is a self indulgent Ta Dah moment 🙂


Funnily enough as I was deciding what to call this piece I checked to see that I’d got my collective noun of ‘gaggle’ correct and discovered that a group of geese is also called any of these: flock, plump, skein, team or wedge.

I definitely would have called this hanging ‘A Skein of Geese’ but it only refers to a group of flying geese! But that in itself has got me thinking and I think you know where I’m going with this one!

Apart from this bit of sewing I’ve been keeping busy, busy, busy in the garden, taming the jungle.

The raspberry’s have started to ripen and I’m picking a bowl a day at the moment which is fine by me as I love them!


The tomato bushes in the greenhouse are all heavy with fruit slowly ripening.


In the borders the foxgloves are just on their very last flowers


and the hollyhocks are taking over with their first flowers.

The lavender and fuchsias are spilling over the path so visitors have to brush past them to get to the front door – must trim them back today or no one will visit!

Enjoy what you’re up to today.

Until next time,

Chris x

8 thoughts on “Presenting a Gaggle of Geese

  1. Karen K

    Looks wonderful ~~ your gaggle of geese! And all your produce coming on is lovely. Always have a fondness for Foxgloves.

  2. I love the gaggle of geese finished.. 😀
    wow.. and such delicious looking raspberry.. so lucky to have them in your gardens.. 😀
    will u be making jam out of it?

  3. I love your little gaggle of feathered friends 🙂 I have had a picture of geese hanging in kitchen for many years, but I think I prefer yours! The quilting really brings it to life! A lovely piece x

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