Have a Gander

Good Morning Everyone 🙂

I have been working on my geese again, the quilting is all finished and I’m pleased with how it’s turned out.



Now I’m putting those little finishing touches to the design with the addition of a bit of embroidery.


The geese’s wings are being given a bit of definition with some pale grey floss, and I’ll embroider a few clumps of grass and colonial knot flowers to add a bit of interest.

The big question is what to turn the piece into now, a cushion (pillow for my US friends) or a wall hanging or perhaps I could be clever and incorporate a hanging pocket on the back of a cushion cover so it’s multi purpose?

I like this piece so much that I’m thinking of making it my blog header – what do you think?

Tomorrow I’ve signed up to join in with Wendy’s  Friday Night Sew In over at Sugarlane Designs where a gaggle of girlies sew ‘together’ in bloggy companionship on Friday and share what they’ve been up to during the week end. If you’d like to join in then you’d be more than welcome – sign up on Wendy’s blog.


Until next time,

Chris x


11 thoughts on “Have a Gander

  1. I’m loving this BIG time Chris! YES…definitely make it your blog header….it would match perfectly….and isn’t that all of us crafty lot gaggling about with our stitching anyway?? Absolutely wonderful….and I am looking forward to our stitch in too! xox
    sugary sweet ones :o)

  2. It is looking fabulous Chris, it will be a great blog header! I would be tempted to make it a wallhanging rather than a cushion, but that might have something to do with the treatment cushions get in our house 🙂

  3. Karen K

    This is turning out adorable!! Love the quilting lines as gives a “watery feel”. I think using it as a header is a wonderful idea! Very creative….well done.

  4. The quilting on your geese project is just perfect – it would make a great blog header. I’ve signed up for FNSI too but will be sewing in the afternoon as we have supper guests. xx

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