Cleaning Cupboards

This week I have been mainly … cleaning 😦

Well, it’s not really 😦 as it is nice to have a clean home and that makes me feel 🙂 !

My lovely hubby decorated the kitchen last week  so my self appointed task has been to clean inside all the cupboards.

I’ve been busy emptying all the clutter out and replacing a pruned version of the contents. Now I’m left with a pile of ‘what shall I do with this?’ stuff , shall I throw it, take it to a Charity shop (would anyone else want it anyway!) or give it away?

I can’t quite believe how many ‘nice’ tins I’ve been hoarding, goodness knows what I thought I’d do with them all!


During my crafting times I’ve been slowly working on my Geese piece and making LOTS of these…


ready for the next stage of my Honeycomb quilt which is making these…


Hope you have a lovely crafty week end.

Until next time,

Chris x




4 thoughts on “Cleaning Cupboards

  1. Don’t throw away those tins. I liked them. Perhaps you could host a giveaway and give those tins as the gifts? If not, just give them to me. Hehe. ;p

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