Daisy Update

Good Morning lovely people 🙂

In between trips out (visiting Lucy Boston’s house) and trying out new crafts (paper snowdrops) my fingers have been busy quilting away on my Daisy chain quilt. I’m very pleased to report that the centre of the quilt is all done and I’ve only (haha!) got the borders to do.


The tips of my fingers have toughened up and I’m raring to go 🙂 however I’m taking a pause on the quilt while I think about the design of the quilting in the outer border. Now I know I shall outline all the stems, leaves and flowers but I’m not sure about anything else.



If anyone has any ideas I’d love you to share them with me.

Next time I’ll share with you a new project I’m working on, here’s a hint!


Until next time,

Chris x

I’m linking this post up to Esther Aliu’s Wips on Wednesday post 🙂



8 thoughts on “Daisy Update

  1. Well I know it means a lot of work but cross hatching always looks good with applique flowers – makes them stand out nicely. The quilting is looking really good so far. xx

  2. Quilted leaves and flowers in between the applique ones? Whatever, it’s already looking wonderful and I’m looking forward to the final result!

  3. What lovely quilting! I agree- more crosshatching after outlining the flowers and stems – maybe on the diagonal? Go with your instinct, it’s served you well so far x

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