Daisy Days

Good morning 🙂

I’ve decided to have a bit of a push to get on with some of my bigger WIPs and the first project to receive a fresh burst of activity is my Daisy Chain quilt which I’ve just started quilting.

At first I couldn’t decide whether to machine or hand quilt it so I did a line of both types of stitching to help me make up my mind and have plumped to go for hand quilting.

It will take a lot longer but I really like the look of it 🙂

I’ve decided to quilt the middle section with a diagonal grid of lines and the hand stitching will be able to disguise the fact that the squares in the design are a bit skew whiff in places!


You can see that I tend to work with a couple of needles on the go at the same time, I don’t suppose it makes the quilting happen faster but it makes me feel like it does!


So far I’ve only done a few lines of sewing but the tips of my fingers are really sore, they need to toughen up again!

On another note I have not only finished my niece’s second cushion (see this post) but I’ve parcelled it up and sent it on its way too – how about that for efficiency 😉


I’m linking this post up to Esther Aliu’s WIP’s on Wednesdays post.

Until next time,

Chris x



6 thoughts on “Daisy Days

  1. I am glad you have gone with the hand quilting, it always looks so much nicer and after all that work piecing the top it is a shame to rush the quilting just to get it done. Well done on finishing another cushion. xx

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