104 Stars

Good morning and welcome.

Back in January I came across a lovely quilt pattern in a magazine,


I showed it to you here and here and possibly even here as well as I chartered my progress with making the English paper pieced stars.

Well today I can announce that all, yes that’s ALL. the stars are complete. All 104 of them. In fact there maybe one or two extras as well – I was having so much fun!

This is what 104 stars look like!



As I was getting close to my goal of 104 I started thinking about finding the background fabric and after EXTENSIVE research ( 😉 ) I whittled the selection down to these four…


All four are variations of teal, one was a linen and I wasn’t convinced that mixing linen with cotton was a good idea, two were end of bolts and would need hunting down for any yardage so the winner was…


and it was in the sale! Now that’s something which doesn’t happen very often 🙂

Now lovely people, I need some advice if you would, because it’s such a deep colour I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to pre wash it or not. What do you think?

Until next time,

Chris x


9 thoughts on “104 Stars

  1. Hi Chris, in my opinion if you haven’t washed the other fabrics then I wouldn’t wash the blue (for shrinkage issues). I haven’t found blue a problem as much as red or batiks, you could test a snippet on white kitchen towel if you’re worried about colourfastness. Loved your bluebell pics! – hope you were Ok with me adding a link.

  2. Hello Chris – yes I agree with Mandy – test a swatch with boiling water on white kitchen paper – you will soon see if it needs washing first. Love all your stars. The bluebells down here in Somerset are gorgeous – I had forgotten how intense the blue of them is. xx

  3. hi Chris – your stars are looking great. I agree with the other comments, blue is usually quite stable, unlike red… But a test piece sounds like the safest way to start.

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