Clear Vinyl Pouches

Good morning, this month, as part of Fiona from Celtic Thistle Stitches’ challenge to try something new every month, I have had a go at sewing with vinyl.

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I noticed some great looking vinyl project pouches making their way around crafty blogland so I thought I’d give it a go!

I used this tutorial by Negligent Style as a starting point and this tutorial by Make it and Love it for hints and tips for sewing with vinyl.

Of course just because you have an idea doesn’t mean everything is going to be plain sailing does it? My number one problem was where to buy the vinyl! I visited all my usual fabric buying haunts and a few which I don’t often go to as well  but no luck. I sort of filed the idea away for another time.

Then just when I’d almost forgotten about the idea I found a shop selling clear vinyl whilst on a day trip during the Easter holidays – yippee 😉

I made the zipper part of mine differently to that on the tutorial above so I thought I’d show you how I did mine just in case anyone would like to know (it also acts as a reminder to me for when I make some more 🙂 )

Before I start I’d like to point out that I found that because of having to ‘tape’ the sewing machine at various points during this project (you’ll see what I mean later 😉 ) it does make sense to batch sew these pouches. so if you know you want a couple get all the pieces ready and sew them together.

Clear Vinyl Pouch Tutorial

1. Cut two strips of fabric the length of your zip by 2 1/2 inches. Press 1/4 inch turning on both of the long edges. Then press the strip in half, matching up the long edges


2. Place the folded edge of the strip onto the zip close to the teeth and stitch in place with two rows of stitching, Repeat using the other strip on the other side of the zip.



3. Make handle. Cut one strip of fabric 5 inch by 3 inch, press in half, open up and press raw edges to the centre fold line. Press closed. Stitch along both long edges.


4. Cut vinyl. you will need two pieces the same. One edge is about 1 inch longer than your zip and other edge is how deep you want your bag to be. Mine is 9 inch deep – include 1/4 inch seam allowance and it’s a good idea to make your vinyl a little bit too big and then trim it down later.

5. Place the vinyl between the two fabric layers of the first strip. (Doing it this way means that vinyl edge is neatly hidden.) Pin in place.


If you want to include a lace trim, insert the edge of the trim under the fabric strip. Tack, pin or hold in place.


6. Cover your machine foot plate with masking tape – make sure you don’t cover the feed dogs (those teeth underneath the foot). This will help prevent the vinyl from sticking to the machine bed.


7. Using a longer stitch than before, sew the vinyl and lace trim in place with one or two rows of stitching. Note that I rolled up the vinyl whilst sewing to stop it sticking.


8. Repeat with the other side, note here that both vinyl sides are rolled up to reduce stickiness and drag.


9. Fold the bag in half (wrong side out) with the zip at the top and trim vinyl into the desired size.

Pin into fabric only as pin marks made in vinyl will make holes.

Pin the handle into the seam. ZIP MUST BE OPEN.


10. Now cover the base of the foot with masking tape


It doesn’t need to be neat!


11. Stitch around the outside of the bag, sew double rows of stitching on the fabric parts to give extra strength.

A curved corner is easier to turn the right way round than a square corner.


12. Trim the corners, turn the right way round, fill with goodies.




A final VERY IMPORTANT point is to remove the tape from your sewing machine and foot before it welds itself on in a sticky mess.

I’m really pleased with these bags, I love a project which is pretty and useful 🙂

Other ideas for using clear vinyl could be;

1. luggage labels

2. bags with windows in

3. ? any other ideas please?

Until next time,

Chris x


10 thoughts on “Clear Vinyl Pouches

  1. thanks for the detailed tutorial.. wow.. i can’t wait to try on doing this.. 😀
    (By the way.. I’ve dropped you 2 emails.. but have not heard back from you.. not sure if it has gone to spam box or something.. please let me know.. i will re-send again.. :D)

  2. that’s the same as how I made mine – I thought that’s what Vera’s tutorial showed too? I didn’t need any tape on my machine or foot, if you’re going to sew with vinyl, I’d try it without as I didn’t have any problems with sticking at all. As I made each one individually, I could change the thread to match the fabric, as the stitching is seen through the vinyl. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I’d taped up my machine.

  3. Hey Chris, I like the pouches – pretty and practical – my favourite combination. I just made up a remote control pouch for my nephew with clear pockets. Not sure if my plastic is the right sort though – it’s the stuff used for covering books in libraries so at least it’s durable… I’m definitely adding your tutorial to my ever growing list of things to do!

  4. Those are SO cute – I ilke the way you added the fabric and lace at the top – it makes the bags look so pretty, and it’s a lovely finish 🙂 I prefer curved edges as well – I do that to my quilts instead of having to miter the binding, lol! Will have to try it on a vinyl pouch too – I have a bunch of vinyl downstairs just waiting to get stitched up 😀 I actually salvaged mine from a plastic bag that held a new bedspread, lol!

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