Doily v’s Mandala

Morning lovely people, how are you today?

I’ve been playing with some crochet ideas this week, actually I’ve been inspired by seeing the current craze for mandalas in a puzzled sort of way. I’ll explain…

Years ago, when I first learnt to crochet I’d make doilies using very fine crochet cotton. I used to turn these out at an alarming rate and I still have some of them stashed away somewhere 🙂 So when crocheted mandalas started popping up I thought – what’s the difference, apart from the obvious one of thicker yarn that is? And I’m still not sure, so if anyone can enlighten me I’d be grateful.

Anyhow, I dug out my old doily patterns and chose one to do but using lovely soft coloured cotton instead of the old fine yarn of before.

This is the result,


As you can see the pattern is very old – an old Woman’s Weekly one if I’m not mistaken!


and while I was hunting for my old patterns I found this one,


handwritten by me many years ago, I remember being asked to work out a pattern from an old doily and this was the result! Trouble is I can’t for the life of me remember what the old doily looked like so I shall try making it up and have a nice surprise (hopefully) when it’s done!

Enjoy your day.

Until next time,

Chris x



10 thoughts on “Doily v’s Mandala

  1. So pretty! I’m posting about my latest mandala today – made with the same colours as yours – and I tend to explain them as ‘modern doilies’ because they do look just like that to me! Perhaps the idea of making doilies with delicate thread-like yarn is just too daunting for some…though I’m tempted to do a reverse of your project and take a mandala pattern and create it with fine yarn! Chrissie x ps please consider linking this to mand-a-long later today when I get the post up? 🙂

  2. Hello Chris, and thank you for popping in to my place! I’m loving your work and was especially impressed with your celtic knot work on your gorgeous cushions – what patience and talent you have! Well done!
    Your doily is very lovely updated to the modern look mandala, and I’ll look forward to seeing more of them and your other inspiring work, thank you! Joy x

  3. Your doily is lovely although I am struggling with the mandala connection!! i have some amazing doily patterns that I have stashed away for years including one with a three dimensional swan which I WILL do one day!!

  4. Hello! I’ve been thinking exactly the same, and had reservations about making the mandalas as I’m really not a lacy-doily type of gal. I think that’s why I went for all out bright colours, and I love them. I’ve since made a couple more using a different pattern which are my favourites so far, (both shown on recent posts). I’m going to pop them in a white picture box frame to hang on the wall.
    Thank you for your lovely comments about my spring mandalas…because they are a more solid shape I am going to use them as place mats and coasters.

  5. I love that old newspaper title…”For lovers of fine things” I love the soft shades you chose for your doily? Mandala? I love the open-ness of the pattern. I made one very similar to yours. I don’t think there really is a difference. Mandala sounds more modern to me, whereas doilies are what my grandmother used to make…and now I do too! I love laying them around the house or putting them in hoops to hang up.

  6. That’s a really pretty pattern. I remember my Nan making doilies too in very fine crochet cotton. If only I’d realised at the time that I was going to be a crafter and crocheter myself, I’d have asked for one to keep. Lovely that you still have the pattern after all this time. x

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