Celtic Knots

Do you like Celtic knots? For me there’s something about the way the strands weave in and out of each other which is very appealing.




It’s nice that some have a meaning too.

When I made my Welsh quilted cushions I used traditional Welsh motifs but wove them together in a design which mimicked a Celtic knot.

SAM_3508 SAM_3512

But you know I’ve never sewn any actual Celtic knots, well, not until now that is.

A friend lent me a book and I saw a fairly simple design which caught my eye and after putting it off for AGES I’ve finally got around to doing it!


I was expecting it to be quite hard with all the unders and overs and curves and tight corners. But do you know what? I really enjoyed it 🙂 Perhaps it’s all the appliqué I’ve been doing recently or just that I was ready to tackle something a bit different (or even that the design was one of the easier ones in the book!!)


The most time consuming part was carefully putting all the bias tubes in the right place but once that was done it was just hand stitching it all in place.


So now I’m an expert (!) here are my tips for sewing Celtic knots;

a. Check your unders and overs at least 10 times before sewing/glueing

b. The seam of the bias tube should face away from inward curves and

c. Inside curved edges should be stitched down first (although as Celtic knots weave about and one strip contains inside and outside curves this and part b are both a bit tricky!)

I shall be making this into a cushion cover for a special couple who live in New Zealand, but I promise to take a photo of it before I send it!

Anyone else done any Celtic knot designs? Any favourite designs I could try?

Until next time,

Chris x



8 thoughts on “Celtic Knots

  1. Love your Welsh quilt and the appliqued Celtic knot. Both are lovely! I’m curious to kow if you pin basted, glue basted or thread basted your bias strips before stitching them down.

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