Snail Trail

Apparently it’s National Crochet Month this month. When I found out I was determined to do some crocheting.

My daughter has a birthday this month and hinted that a crochet snail might be nice to go with her real snail (yuk!)

I searched for a cute snail but didn’t have much luck finding a pattern I liked. So I did what all of us do from time to time and made one up. Although it was not without its problems as the first draft snail kept toppling over but a crafty tweek of the shell sorted that out.



SAM_3902As you can see the real snail was starting to come out of his shell so I popped him back into his tank before he slimed anything!


Happy National crochet month! Anyone else got a crochet project on the go?

Until next time,

Chris x


10 thoughts on “Snail Trail

  1. Those are a couple of the cutest snails I’ve ever seen. You did a great job on them. Very impressive. Well done.
    I like the real snail too. What his name, he’s an awesome critter, πŸ˜‰

  2. oh how cute! the amigurumi snails I mean. As usual, I’m weighing in too late to say I have loads of them on my Amigurumi Pinterest board! Is the real snail an African Giant? My brother’s girlfriend had some of them and they were creepily fascinating!

  3. Karen K

    How cute is that! Not only do you sew but crochet as well. I tried to learn to crochet but holding the hook and getting the tension right was just is too much for me! I did get a dishcloth made but don’t really like it. So I’ll admire your work instead. πŸ™‚

  4. For years I battled snails in my garden so I’m not a fan of the real one. However I love the crocheted variety. I especially like the fact that they can be made up using scraps which makes them look quite funky. I guess I will have to do a bit of crocheting now that I know it’s National Crochet Month! I will make a few Granny Squares to add to my pile. Thanks for sharing Chris.

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