Friday Night Sew In

Welcome everyone, on Friday I linked up to Wendy’s Friday Night Sew In but those of you who know me will also know that this weekend has been a special one full of celebrating for my parent’s 60th Wedding anniversary. So this post is a little late because of all the partying I’ve been doing!

On Friday night and during travelling to and from my Mum and Dad’s home I’ve been busy doing my EPP stars. I’m so pleased I started this as it has been great to have a small portable project to take around with me.


As time has gone on I’ve become much better at preparing the diamonds and piecing the stars accurately – practise does make you improve. The centres are now much more together and I’ve learnt how to fiddle and fudge them better.

In honour of my parent's Diamond Wedding Anniversary!
In honour of my parent’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary!

I’m still loving the colours but I’m glad I’m not just working on this project, variety keeps me from getting fed up. I must be working on about 5 little projects at the moment, how many are you working on?

Here’s what progress I’ve made so far with my stars.

Drum roll please….

stars 75

There’s a big smile on my face!

I shall have to very soon go and look for some background fabric for this quilt – oh deary me, not fabric shopping again!!! And if that wasn’t enough I’ve heard on the grapevine that a new fabric shop has opened not too far away from little ol’ me 🙂

For those of you who were interested to know what the Queen’s anniversary card to my parents looked like, here it is..



It arrived on the day by helicopter (only kidding!) Such a lovely thing to do, don’t you think?

Until next time,

Chris x


9 thoughts on “Friday Night Sew In

  1. Hello Chris – hope you have had a wonderful weekend, glad the card arrived on time. Your diamonds look great – choosing that background fabric is not going to be easy – you may need to visit more than one shop!!! xx

  2. vicki kay

    Really like the fabrics you have chosen. I too like having a variety of projects on the go, although I think I may have to many at the moment!

  3. Karen K

    Wow! How about that, delivery by helicopter!! That is so special and unique! Thanks for sharing a pic of their card. Hope they have many more years together. And keep working on those stars…..can’t wait to see what it becomes. And a new shop…..yippee!

  4. So nice of the queen to acknowledge a diamond anniversary and delivered by helicopter too hehehe. Your stars are looking great at this rate you will have them finished in no time at all.

  5. Happy Anniversary to your parents.. and so nice to receive a card from the Queen. the stars are looking fabulous.. and can’t wait to see what will it be crafted into. 😀

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