Thoughts of Japan

Remember the trouser project? Well I’m quietly working away at some ideas. I’ve decided to give a couple of the projects a Japanese flavour so I’m starting with a little bit of Sashiko.

I was having problems transferring the design onto the thick, rough fabric of the trousers, my usual chalk marker didn’t work, so I traced the design onto tissue paper and pinned it to the fabric and stitched through it, tearing the paper off afterwards.



It worked just fine, however I have now learnt that you can draw the design onto fusible interfacing and iron it onto the wrong side and stitch the design on from the back – much simpler – you live and learn 🙂


I’ve also been playing about with folding fabric to make these stars (flowers?)

SAM_3881I loved making these, a real mixture between origami and sewing.

SAM_3882They do need some embellishment in the centre to hide the stitches. I shall have to hunt out a suitable button 🙂


There are many fabric origami shapes you can make but this little star doesn’t need to be made from a double thickness of fabric as the design covers all the raw edges of the fabric. It turns out looking quite elegant, if you know what I mean 😉

I shall try to use these in something I’m making from the trousers – not sure what yet but I’ll let you know when I decide!

Until next time,

Chris x

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