Spring is around the corner

Not too much sewing has been happening in the last couple of days because of the gorgeous weather. after all the rain this is such a treat and I’m trying to make the most of it by doing some gardening. My poor garden is a tad neglected but even so the signs of Spring are everywhere.


Did I mention that while I was at Duxford last week I bought a little piece of gorgeous fabric? No? Well, there was this one stall which caught my eye with its original fabric designs, it’s a little French company which designs its own fabrics and I was totally taken up with this one…


soooo elegant!

And just look at the ladies…



SAM_3864all wearing their 1950s fashion – so lovely! It was a bit pricey hence me only getting a little piece. I’m now thinking hard as to what to make out of it to feature these beautiful drawings 🙂

As ever, all ideas are very welcome 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

(Just in case you wanted some the company is called Il etait une fois, link here)


6 thoughts on “Spring is around the corner

  1. We too are still having gorgeous weather so have been busy busy in the garden. I love that fabric as you say the ladies are so elegant – what would they think of what we all wear today! xx

  2. Karen K

    I’m so jealous of your lovely weather. We are under a winter storm watch with the possibility of 5-8″ of snow!! Boo Hoo! We’ve had toooo much! Thankfully it is to warm up the end of the week so it will disappear. Love that fabric.

  3. Glorious sunshine here too, hope it lasts. What wonderful fabric! I wouldn’t have been able to resist either. I love their 2CV fabric too, might have to order some of that 🙂

  4. Bethan Davies

    This is so elegant it has to be something like a makeup bag or afternoon tea money purse! It’s so pretty I wouldn’t want to cut it! X

  5. Beautiful flowers. We’re just heading into autumn, although it’s going to be a hot 34 here this weekend. Hopefully it’s the last blast of a horrible summer in Oz.
    I love that fabric! Fashion really was a statement of elegance back then – no muffin tops!!

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