Daisy Update

I’m loving doing the appliqué border on my Daisy Chain quilt 🙂 Even though progress has been slow – each flower has taken up to an hour to carefully stitch on – it’s been exciting to see it all coming together.

And no, I haven’t finished yet!

However, I have now sewn on all the petals and am working my way through all the leaves. Fortunately I’m finding that my appliqué is improving the more I stitch (I can definitely tell where I started the petals and where I finished  – I’m hoping no one else can 😉 )

I’m preparing all my appliqué pieces using the starch method, I like the fact that the shapes are ready to sew on, with only a few tweaks left to do. I use a cotton wool bud and a cocktail stick to help me. What tools do you use?


I’ve even decided what to use as centres for my daisies, trouble is it requires fussy cutting from a small amount of fabric – no room for any mistakes or some daisies will have to have different centres!

As this amount of appliqué is definitely new to me I’m linking up to Fiona’s blog, Celtic Thistle Stitches, ‘New to Me in February‘ post.

New to Me 2014 graphic

Until next time,

Chris x


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