New to me in January

I’m linking this post up to Fiona at Celtic Thistles.

New to Me 2014 graphic

A while back I gave you a peak of a baby knitting project I’d started


and last week I showed you what it looked like now


Those of you who are eagle eyed will have noticed that the pattern had changed and that’s because I came across the new pattern and decided to give colour changing a go.

My Wonderful Mum sat down with me many years ago to teach me how to knit fairisle but I can remember being soooo annoyed and impatient at all the twisting and weaving in of wool that I gave up pretty quickly in frustration (obviously patience wasn’t one of my strong points then!)

This time round I’m a lot more patient and forgiving of my mistakes and I’m enjoying having a go, it’s not perfect and the back isn’t as woven in as it could be but it is my first proper attempt and I’m sure the baby it’s going to won’t judge me for it 🙂

This week’s challenge will be to get it finished and sent off before the baby is too big for it 😉

Until next time,

Chris x

5 thoughts on “New to me in January

  1. I think it looks totally amazing. No, the baby won’t mind and I am sure the Mom will be completely overjoyed at your kindness. I always love the imperfections of a homemade item. That, to me, it what makes them so special.

  2. Oh my goodness! My last try at knitting was 15 years ago. I never mastered more than the basics. YOUR knitting rocks! It looks super complicated and soooooo nice. I am impressed! Very well done!!!

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