Knit a row, purl a row

During the holidays I ventured into my attic and found a basket full of yarn, most of it is left over from various projects done over the years. So I thought I’d sort through it and find any balls which are big enough for other projects.

This ball of white DK yarn is enough for a baby cardigan so that’s what I’m making.


I’m not a particularly fast knitter, but I do enjoy plodding along and creating something which will be used. And I have in mind a little one who will be kept warm and cosy in a new cardigan 🙂

One of my non crafty New Year Ideas is to write down good things that happen on a day to day basis on slips of paper and to put them in a jar. Then at the end of the year to empty the jar and read all the memories. As you can see I have my jar ready – I shall have to decorate it to pretty it up a bit.


SAM_3707and I’ve even got a few happy memories in it already 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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