All Finished

I’m exhaling a long breath of contentment, all my hand mades are finished and I’m as sorted as I’ll ever be 🙂

The Sewing bag is all done and I admit to being very pleased with it, so pleased that I think I shall make one for myself next year!

It’s made of linen (what else!) The red spotty linen was an impulse buy a while ago – I just loved the colour and knew I’d find something to make with it.


It has a large pocket at the front to keep a notebook in,


two smaller pockets at either end for notions and four gusseted pockets on the back to hold bulkier items.




The inside is lined with calico and I’ve finished it all off with short handles so it’s easy to carry. And, of course you have to have a matching pincushion and needle book don’t you?


The other mystery objects which were waiting to be finished were smelly robins!

Here they are waiting to take flight 😉

They are stuffed with a mixture of rice and cloves and are designed to sit on a warm radiator. The smell is delicious and very Christmassy 🙂

Wrapped up and almost ready to give away.

I do hope you are all coming to the end of your ‘must makes’ and will be able to get on with your own projects soon.

Until next time,

Chris x


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