It’s a New Day

Last week I hosted my little sewing group, ‘Ladies Wot Sew,’ and I spent the whole evening watching all my friends busying away with their projects.

There was doll making, blanket edging, tea cosy constructing, festive decoration designing going on around me and I sat and just enjoyed the company . My friends were happily crafting away and I was happily watching them wondering when I’d feel the urge to sew again.


The weekend was another story, I looked around my sewing room and picked up my Christmas quilt pieces and thought shall I, shan’t I? and did 🙂

Woohoo ladies I do believe the mojo is returning!

I took my time and pieced the strips together until I’d completed the top of one quilt, I then layered it up so it’s now ready to quilt.


I always used to spray baste my quilts but more often than not these days I just pin using quilter’s safety pins. I find that as long as I use plenty of pins the quilt layers don’t shift around during quilting (although goodness knows how because I have a domestic sewing machine with a small throat so the quilt is shoved and stuffed and rolled and scrunched during the process!)

I’d like to try Pinmoors – has anyone tried them? What are they like? Easier or no difference?

I shall have to choose a quilting pattern to use and practise on some swatches – I’m still quite new to free motion quilting so like to first draw then sew a sample. I’m hoping that one day it will all become natural to me.

Here is the reason for the Christmas quilt…


Last year I made these Christmas cushions using a free pattern by Australian Homespun magazine called A Long Time Ago in Bethlehem.

They really brightened up the Living room but something was missing! So the plan was to make two quilts to finish it all off – so much for plans! I might just get one quilt done for Christmas, we’ll see.

cushion collage

Until next time,

Chris x

4 thoughts on “It’s a New Day

  1. I think sometimes that just starting to sew can give you the urge to sew, but sometimes if you push it, it just makes it worse. Mind you, I can talk, haven’t touched my sewing machine in about 6 weeks.
    The quilt top is gorgeous, love the stars

  2. Glad to hear your mojo is back! I use curved safety pins to baste my layers together and a Kwik Klip to save my fingers – works perfectly with me and on large quilts too. xx

  3. Glad to hear that your sewing mojo is returning, what a lovely project to kickstart it with too. Can’t help with a basting tip, but I am looking forward to seeing the tips you get as I really dislike basting quilts!

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