Cribs from around the World

Morning all. All the big cleaning jobs have been done and I only have the day to day stuff left. To celebrate I went out on a jolly with one of my friends.

We went to Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire to see an exhibition of ‘Cribs from around the World’.

Radio presenter Libby Purves and her family have collected crib sets from different countries and this collection is currently touring the UK to raise money for The Children’s Society.

Unfortunately the display was in quite a dark area of the cathedral, and while it was very atmospheric it wasn’t good for taking photos! So I shall only put up a few of my own but I’ll direct you to a slide show on the internet for better pictures.

These beautiful paintings are done on beer mats! They were commissioned by some artists from Suffolk.
This was my favourite of the collection but the labelling was a bit confused so I couldn’t tell where it originated from. All the figures had a lovely freedom about them.
These figures were created from 100% recycled materials by Jennie Phillips of Dewsberry.
Local schools were invited to contribute their own home made nativity scenes and there were lots of lovely ones, but I loved this one with the figures made out of eggs 🙂

Apologies for the poor quality photos, the link to the slide show is here, it shows you a crib scene which is carved onto a match – amazing!

It has made me think about making a nativity set for my home, we do have one made from polymer clay and when the children were little we used to dress up their Duplo figures with capes, crowns, shepherd’s crooks and the like to create our own, but maybe a ‘made by me’ one for next Christmas. Does anyone have any nice ideas/patterns for a homemade nativity?

Until next time,

Chris x


4 thoughts on “Cribs from around the World

  1. What a lovely idea and I am sure it was very atmospheric, despite the bad lighting. I went to a quilt exhibition held in a church once. The bright colourful patchwork quilts against the stained glass windows was amazing!

  2. Bustle and Sew have just been giving instructions for a hand-sewn nativity scene in the last couple of issues.

    Last year at the Christmas Market in Dusseldorf there was an amazing life size Nativity scene carved out of the most beautiful wood, but on a match head? That really is jaw dropping !

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