Mojo Still Missing

Thank you for your kind reassurances that it’s OK to take a break and allow The Mojo to return in it’s own sweet time.

I am still having fun with my crochet AND I’ve picked up and dusted down my knitting needles.

A while ago the good old British Broadcasting Corporation announced that they were commissioning a new series of the old (and I do mean old) children’s TV programme ‘The Clangers’.

Clangers are mice like aliens who live on a blue planet and eat green soup given to them by the Soup Dragon. Here’s a link if you’re intrigued πŸ™‚

I do remember watching it as a child so when I heard about it being redone I thought I’d look out a pattern and make one for nostalgia’s sake!

Unbelievably I found the original pattern kindly put on the net by someone who used to work at Clanger headquarters!

This is my progress so far,


Anyone else out there remember these little creatures?

Have a lovely weekend.

Until next time,

Chris x


4 thoughts on “Mojo Still Missing

  1. the Clangers are so sweet! I’m not sure if I do remember them, or I just remember them when people were looking back at them. i was born in 77 so I think I may have been too young

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