Ballet shoes and Thimbles

OK, what do old ballet shoes and thimbles have in common?


Do you give up?

OK, old ballet shoes can easily be turned into leather thimbles!

Did anyone guess 😉

I have tried and tried to get on with metal thimbles but I just can’t so I started making my own from my daughter’s old ballet shoes. The leather is soft and supple and easy to stitch into. I avoid the thinner well worn parts of the shoe such as the toes, but the sides and upper toe parts are ideal as they don’t get very worn.

Over the years I’ve worked out the perfect pattern for me and every now and again I cut up a shoe and make a batch of thimbles. I get about 6 out of each shoe and I suppose those 6 will last me about a year.


If you don’t know any ballerinas willing to give up their shoes then I dare say any supple leather can be used.

When I first made them I used two 1 1/2 inch squares and stitched a finger tip shape, tried it on and altered it until it was a little bit too tight (leather will ‘give’).


Then I trimmed the leather down to the sewing line so they are nice and neat.


Can’t get more frugal than that 😉

Do you have any frugal sewing tips to share?

Until next time,

Chris x

By the way, the Advent banners were well received by my Church family – phew!

5 thoughts on “Ballet shoes and Thimbles

  1. I have yet to find a thimble that fits me and is comfortable. I remember having ballet shoes like that when I was little, I loved my ballet shoes!

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