Felt an Acorn

Good Morning lovely people! Hubby and I have been enjoying going for a few walks recently and on one of them I collected a pocket full of acorn caps.

SAM_3474I had the idea of making an acorn garland to festoon my fireplace  – this has got to be my last Autumn decoration for this year!

I had thought about crocheting some acorns but I have, in my stash, some lovely wool roving I was given a while ago, so I thought I’d use it and felt some acorns instead.

Now I am an absolute novice when it comes to felting so I just did what I thought looked right.

acorn feltingcollage

and these are the result…


So cute 😉

Just some leaves to do and then thread them on some yarn and hang them up. So that’s one of my plans for the week ahead, what about you?

I’m linking this up to Celtic Thistle’s ‘New to me in November’, why not visit her blog and have a see what other people have been up to?

Have a lovely week.

Until next time,

Chris x

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