Introducing Lizzie Jane and a problem

Good Morning lovely readers, today I want to introduce you to a little girl who grew out of my imagination.


Her name is Lizzie Jane and she is the result of a sketching session I had after reading this phrase;

‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’

Someone I know has had a bad time over the past couple of years and she has quoted this saying on quite a few occasions. A saying which is probably more of a mantra to help her through the difficulties. It’s such an evocative and uplifting phrase that I wanted to embroider it onto something and so I drew Lizzie Jane dancing in the rain with the idea of surrounding her with the phrase.


Vivian Greene who is attributed to writing the phrase has copyrighted it and I don’t feel that I can use it.


what can I use instead? Help!

Dancing through the rain/storm

Learning to enjoy the rain

Learning to dance in the rain

Making the most of every day

Ideas please (pretty please 😉 )

Until next time,

Chris x


7 thoughts on “Introducing Lizzie Jane and a problem

  1. If this is a personal project, i don’t think it matters if you use the quote. You’re not planning on selling it or selling the pattern are you?

  2. I agree with Wendy, you’ve mentioned and credited her here. Your personal project nfs will only mean something to your friend if it’s the same phrase now. I hope there “is light at the end of the tunnel” for your friend- don’t know who started that one!

  3. I would think that if you were not using the phrase commercially then there wouldn’t be a problem. Can you just drop her an email to say what you are doing? Then if you don’t get a reply you can assume that it is ok to do?

  4. I agree. It’s a great quote and as you’re not using it for commercial gain you should use it to cheer your friend up. I think Lizzie Jane is lovely and your friend will love the sentiment. I hope you’ll post photos of the finished project eventually.

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